NoNo Hair Removal


No! No!

No! No! Hair removal was advertised all over the place for a long time from online to on the TV. The reason that it caught so much attention was because of the fact that women believed with the product they would not have to shave anymore, and that it would be an easy long lasting hair removal for women and men alike. Since that time the price has stayed the same around the two to three hundred mark and the reviews have come in on the product. Some women love the product and others hate what is found when you really dig deep about what women think about the product is that those that love the product had a lot more time to invest in getting it to work for them and adjusting to the learning curve of the product. The product does take longer than shaving would for many women and is something that they have to get used to.

For those that had bad experiences and even got burned from the product likely needed to adjust how they were using it as it was never meant to burn skin but if held wrong it is possible for the product to do so. The customer service for the product over all was fair but not many ended up getting refunds when they asked for them. Overall the product works but for a while many women do touch up with shaving. Over time the product makes it where the hair isn’t noticeable so that you don’t have to worry about it as no one is going to see. While you should continue to use the product hair defiantly stays gone longer and is an investment both in money and time for those that really want painless hair removal with long term results.

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